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Transcription Services

Full Stop Typing is a transcription service based in Nottingham.

We offer audio and copy typing services, with no minimum contracts.

We can turn your audio files into text, even using your templates, and your archived

documents into a digital library, all with a fast turnaround.  

Full Stop Typing goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication

and exceptional service, we hope you will find what you are looking for with our transcription service.

For more information or general enquiries, get in touch today.

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Whether you record voice notes on your phone, or use a digital dictation handheld, simply send your digital recordings to us via email, Dropbox, Google Docs, or other Cloud systems, and we will type them in any format you require. We can also type reports into RICS ProForms, using your login.


We can type handwritten notes, hard copies of text, or archived documents to add to your digital library. We also type formatted leases and legal documents. We offer a collection and drop off service, within the Nottinghamshire area.


Full Stop Typing provide an ad hoc service to cover holidays, sickness and maternity leave. We can type a one-off document for you or provide cover while your usual typist is away from the office. 


If you have a secretary, it frees up their time to do other tasks. If you are typing reports yourself, it enables your business to become more efficient. Full Stop Typing provides a fast turnaround on all typing, thereby ensuring your business sends its reports and correspondence to clients faster.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

"It can improve your productivity as a Chartered Surveyor to spend less time typing reports and more time fee earning. Full Stop Typing provide the services to enable you and your business to increase efficiency and productivity. Highly recommended, contact them." 

"Why would you still be typing your own reports, when from your phone you can dictate a report, send it to Full Stop Typing, and very quickly it is back with you to check through and issue. What's not to like about that?! Highly recommended, give them a try."

"As a Chartered Surveyor less time spent typing reports, means increased efficiency and therefore increased turnover. In these busy times why would you not be outsourcing your typing of survey reports. Full Stop Typing are experienced providers of these services and are very efficient, accurate, and cost effective, contact them. Highly recommended."

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